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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Falcon CO
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Adjust Your Lifestyle!

Palmer Chiropractic provides quality chiropractic care in Falcon CO and surrounding areas while teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness.

When you are suffering from an injury, pain or other health problem, the chiropractic care we provide will give you the relief and stability you are looking for and address the underlying cause.

If you want to reach optimum health and peak performance levels regardless of your age, or provide healthy drug free solutions for your children and family, our practice will be a great fit for you.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life. This includes you.

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We care about our community
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Patient Reviews

"I have tried so many different pillows over the years, but I have found that I am sleeping more comfortably and longer now that I am sleeping on a 100 year lifestyle pillow. I used to wake up several times during the night - not so anymore AND my husband's snoring used to wake me up and keep me up. He is sleeping on a 100 year pillow too and either he is not snoring as much or I am sleeping better, but I have not woken to his snoring in over a month! There's nothing like a good nights sleep!!"

Satisfied consumer, Falcon, CO

"I've been seeing Dr. Fran on and off since 2004 and she just recently saw me following a car accident injury. Not only did she help me get back to normal activity, but with the chiropractic care, I avoided more severe options for my injuries. The staff is always so friendly and my two kids don't mind comin when mom has an appointment because they have toys! Thank you Dr. Fran for everything!"


"My family has had fewer illnesses since we started under chiropractic care. We also sleep better and more soundly at night. Everyone in my family comes to Palmer Chiropractic: my 6 kids, my husband and myself."

Becky G.

"I felt that I was going to have to take a leave of absence from work, but Dr. Rob fixed me up so that I could keep my job and my neck was much better. P.S. If my house was on fire I would grab my pillow!"