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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Falcon CO
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Patient Testimonials

10 years of Chiropractic care

Chiropractic has helped Mike

We will get Chiropractic care for the rest of our lives!

I LOVE my new pillow!!!

❝I have tried so many different pillows over the years, but I have found that I am sleeping more comfortably and longer now that I am sleeping on a 100 year lifestyle pillow. I used to wake up several times during the night - not so anymore AND my husband's snoring used to wake me up and keep me up. He is sleeping on a 100 year pillow too and either he is not snoring as much or I am sleeping better, but I have not woken to his snoring in over a month! There's nothing like a good nights sleep!!❞
Satisfied consumer, Falcon, CO

Thank you Dr. Fran!

❝I've been seeing Dr. Fran on and off since 2004 and she just recently saw me following a car accident injury. Not only did she help me get back to normal activity, but with the chiropractic care, I avoided more severe options for my injuries. The staff is always so friendly and my two kids don't mind comin when mom has an appointment because they have toys! Thank you Dr. Fran for everything!❞

Family care

❝My family has had fewer illnesses since we started under chiropractic care. We also sleep better and more soundly at night. Everyone in my family comes to Palmer Chiropractic: my 6 kids, my husband and myself.❞
Becky G.

Leave of absence?!?

❝I felt that I was going to have to take a leave of absence from work, but Dr. Rob fixed me up so that I could keep my job and my neck was much better. P.S. If my house was on fire I would grab my pillow!❞

I feel so much better!

❝Before I started coming to Palmer Chiropractic I hurt all the time. After receiving regular care, I feel so much better! I would highly recommend the Palmers. ❞
Heidi P.

Thank you Dr. Rob!

❝When I started chiropractic care I would only come when something hurt me so bad. As I came to Dr. Palmer he would not ask me to come back every other day if I didn't need it. Initally after coming when things would build up and hurt so bad, I decided to come once a month as maintenance. I like that Dr. Palmer adjusts your whole body each time and everythihg is in alignment at once and it stays that way. Thank you Dr. Rob for keeping me feeling good and being able to move.❞

Relief after so many years

❝As a dirt bike rider, 4 wheeler and motorcycle rider I get severe neck and back pain - especially since I wreck a lot! Palmer Chiropractic has provided me the relief I have needed for years!❞
Phil G.

Feeling pretty darn good

❝My wife and I are in our 60's and 70's, respectively. We exercise on a regular basis to keep fit and fight the "old age" aches and pains. Regular maintenance visits to the clinic has helped us remain mostly pain free. Dr. Rob and Dr. Fran are able to keep us feeling pretty darn good, and able to continue our active lifestyle.
We find all the clinic personnel and doctors very friendly, caring, and family oriented. We feel quite comfortable to call for an appointment at any time the need arises (outside of our scheduled appointments).❞

Wesley and Carol Plummer

Blessed to have found Palmer Chiropractic

❝Having recently moved to Colorado Springs, one of my main concerns was finding a Chiropractic office. I have been a patient of chiropractic since my college days. I consider myself extremely blessed to have found the Palmer Chiropractic office. From my first visit, I have been treated as though I were a family member. Dr. Fran not only adjusted my spine, but also took time to get to know me and the history of my back. I could write many pages about the kindness of Dr. Fran and the entire staff, but I will simply say that I am very impressed with the professional, friendly, and helpful Palmer Chiropractic office.

- Alfred Jaeger❞

Alfred Jaeger

You'll Be Thanking Yourself

❝My first treatment with Palmer Chiropractic was amazing. I've suffered many injuries over a decade of military service, so I know a thing or two about pain. Fran helped me feel like I've never been injured. For the first time in about 10 years, I have been pain free. I can't thank Palmer Chiropractic enough. I highly recommend this facility. If you're on the fence about Chiropractic care, take the leap and try it. You'll only be thanking yourself later.❞
Capt. E

I love the adjustments!

❝I have had excellent results from my adjustments regarding my injuries. I can move more freely and I don't have as much stiffness. I love what the adjustments have done for me!❞
Salaria Jarman

Life Changing!

❝I have been in severe pain for the past few months. I finally came into Palmer Chiropractic last week. With just one adjustment I was 100% a new person. It was literally life changing! I highly recommend Palmer Chiropractic to anyone.❞

Such a blessing!

❝Having a wonderful chiropractor during pregnancy was such a blessing! I know for sure that it helped with my labor and delivery. Mommy & baby were great during labor and delivery without any complications.

Happy! due to Chiropractic care

I have quality of life again!!

❝I suffer with osteoarthritis. Before Chiropractic care I had significant pain in my hips and knees. I started Chiropractic care before the birth of my daughter in 1997. I have quality of life again!! I no longer dread getting up in the morning, because I can move freely again, just like I did when I was young and active. I will continue to receive monthly adjustments for the rest of my life. I also bring my children in for adjustments whenever I can. Chiropractic care is definately the way to go!!❞
Robin B.

A wonderful experience!

❝Over the years I've heard great things about Drs. Rob and Fran. This year I needed to get relief from neck and back pain and decided to give them a try. It has been a wonderful experience! The front desk staff as well as Dr. Fran have been awesome. I'm finally feeling relief and learning better habits to stay pain free. Thank you!❞

Dr. Rob is amazing!

❝Dr. Rob is amazing! He always has a way of getting me to relax my neck! I have seen Dr. Rob for the past 8 years. His staff is so friendly and always accommodating. Thank you!❞

I move freely throughout my daily activities!

❝I first found out about Chiropractic through a friend. I had been in chronic pain both in my hips and back. I also have a scoliosis. I found that it was difficult to move through my daily activities because of the pain. It also caused many sleepless nights. I began to notice improvement in the way I felt within about two months. As a result of Chiropractic care, I began to experience a general feeling of wellness, movement became pain free and easier and I was sleeping better.

For nine years I suffered with chronic pain. I took large doses of ibuprofen almost everyday and this caused stomach problems. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since I started regular Chiropractic care. I no longer take ibuprofen and I have no more pain! I almost forget how much pain I lived with in the past. I sleep better and I move freely throughout my daily activities. I would recommend Chiropractic care to others, absolutely! Thanks Palmer Chiropractic!

BF, Falcon, Colorado

His shoulders and hips are now aligned!

❝My son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and has a scoliosis. At the beginning of his chiropractic treatment an x-ray showed uneven shoulder and hip height. Through regular Chiropractic visits the results were dramatic. His shoulders and hips are now aligned. We feel Chiropractic care will help with his movement and balance.❞
Satisfied Mom, Falcon, Colorado

Life changing experience. I feel wonderful!

❝I was referred to the Palmers by a neighbor; we were new to the area. I had been having severe neck and lower back pain along with pain in my right foot. This pain interfered with my daily routine. It was not very long after my first adjustment that I began to feel improvement. I liked the way the adjustments made me feel. My experience with Chiropractic has been life changing. I feel that my health has improved since coming monthly to see Dr. Rob. I feel wonderful - much happier and healthier.❞
NJS, Falcon, Colorado

I can sleep better!

❝I decided to seek help through Chiropractic for the lower back pain that I was having. It was interfering with my daily activities. I began to notice improvement after my first Chiropractic adjustment. I can sleep better, which improves my total outlook. After every adjustment my pain is less. I have gone from difficulty walking to the bathroom to pain free and walking 2 miles/day and going to Curves.❞

I feel healthier, happier and headache free!

❝I had heard originally heard about Chiropractic through friends and c-workers. Then my daughter started going, followed by my son. They finally "convinced" me that I had nothing to lose but my headaches. I had been suffering with migraines varying from mild to severe for a long time. I usually had 4 or 5 days a month without a migraine or severe headache. Over the past 10 years the frequency grew, but I developed coping skills. I lived with them and accepted the pain as a norm. I believed my headaches were always triggered by my hormonal fluctuations, but the frequency kept increasing. I was on two different medications for headaches, with little success, plus I was worrying about taking daily medications. My kids had been seeing Dr. Rob and Dr. Fran for almost a year. They convinced me it was time to give it a try - after all I trusted them with my children. I noticed improvement immediately after my first adjustment. I had a "baby" headache when I went in and by that night I was headache free. I feel healthier, happier and headache free. I also noticed that I didn't have a tingling sensation in my arm, no more hip pain, and I am not subconsciously rubbing my neck. I really do feel that I have "reclaimed my life" - as dramatic as that sounds - it is true. I am no longer on daily preventative medications and I have been headache free for five months. I recommend chiropractic care to others, especially to headache sufferers!❞

I feel much better and have more energy!

❝I decided to seek Chiropractic care for health problems that included: neck pain and stiffness, headaches, nausea, fatigue and tingling lips. My mom had always used a Chiropractor and many of my friends had experience with Chiropractors, too. All of these symptoms really affected my life on a daily basis. In the past, doctors had told me there was nothing wrong with me. Dr. Fran did x-rays and diagnostics during my exam. She found I had a straight neck and scoliosis. I began to feel better within about two weeks of my initial adjustment. The nausea took a little longer, but did get better. Through chiropractic care I feel much better and have more energy. The other symptoms that medical doctors couldn't explain went away. Dr. Fran and Dr. Rob get an A+ for patient care!

MKB, Peyton, Colorado

I would highly recommend Chiropractic and the Palmers to anyone.

❝I came to see Dr. Fran after a long day at work that was plagued by lower back and neck pain. I was having a hard time functioning normally. I began to notice improvement in the way I felt within the first two to three visits. I also noticed that I was experiencing much less fatigue and was sleeping better. I would highly recommend Chiropractic and the Palmers to anyone. Thanks, Doc, you are a miracle worker.❞
CR, Denver

Thank you so much Palmer Chiropractic!

❝I brought my 10 month old son in to see Dr. Fran. He was not sleeping the way I felt a baby should sleep. The lack of sleep was affecting our daily life as he was not a happy baby during the day. I first noticed improvement in his sleeping within a week, and because he was sleeping better, I was sleeping better. Dr. Palmer is very easy to talk to, and because she has children of her own she can relate. This is important to me to have that personal connection along with the care. Thank you so much Palmer Chiropractic.

SE, Falcon, Colorado

My range of motion is also much improved!

❝My naturopath recommended I see a Chiropractor for my shoulder and lower back pain. I was experiencing limited range of motion and sleeping was very uncomfortable. I noticed immediate improvement in how I was feeling. I have so much energy now, my sleep has improved and in general my range of motion is also much improved. I am so happy with the care I am receiving, that I am now having other members of my family come in.

CM, Elbert, Colorado

One of the best decisions I have made!

❝I began my chiropractic journey in April of 2011, and it is one of the best decisions I have made to achieve my goal of optimal health and wellness. When I hurt my back while gardening, I was really afraid that some permanent damage had been done, because the pain was so severe and I was barely walking. I had heard from a friend how amazing Dr. Rob was, so I decided to give him a call. He did an x- ray and was able to calm my fears about any serious injury. He did, however, ask if I had a history of scoliosis. Apparently, my left hip was so much higher than my right, that it was curving my spine. He did a thorough examination of my spine, we discussed my treatment plan, and I received my first adjustment. It was the beginning of my healing. I was really impressed with Dr. Rob not only for his professionalism, but also for his personable manner. I felt confident that he really knew what he was doing, and I trusted that I was in good hands. I was feeling so much better that I started my daughter, 14, and my son, 9, in getting chiropractic care. I wanted to have them checked for previous childhood injuries that may need to be addressed now that they were older. I also believed that chiropractic care when begun early would be a healthy choice that would impact their future health and wellness. My son went to Dr. Rob and my daughter went to see Dr. Fran. At their initial appointment, Dr. Fran took out a model of a spine and began to educate us all in easy to understand terms about a healthy spine and nervous system, subluxations, what was occurring during an adjustment, and how important chiropractic care was to ones overall health. Because of that, now I understood fully why I was feeling so much better and how vital it would be for me to keep up with my chiropractic visits, even after there was no noticeable pain. I had let myself get into crisis mode, and I never wanted to be there again, if I could help it. I saw Dr. Rob frequently for the first 6 weeks or so, until I reinjured myself while lifting something that was too heavy. I immediately, called the office for an emergency visit, and I was scheduled with Dr. Fran who, up to this time, had not treated me. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. On my first visit with her, I sat and cried in pain and discouragement, thinking I was never going to be fully healed. She never made me feel silly about that. Dr. Fran has the knowledge, patience, and compassion that has led me along in a journey toward recovery. It has required time and consistency, but because of the continued chiropractic care, I can say today that I have no pain in my back, hips, knees, or neck. Can you imagine that? No pain? I still cannot believe that only nine months ago I was in daily pain just from walking. Moreover, I actually believed that that was how it would always be now that I was 43 years old. Thank God for Palmer Chiropractic. Palmer Chiropractic has helped me set new goals for my health. I am now exercising regularly, eating more nutritionally and continuing with my adjustments. I could honestly say that at Palmer Chiropractic, you cannot lose. Both Dr. Rob and Dr. Fran have gained my complete confidence for both my own care and the care of my children. They are wonderful people and outstanding doctors, who I am honored and grateful to know. I am still a work in progress, but because of the care I have received, I feel like a new person. ❞
Rhonda, Calhan, CO

I feel so much better...

❝I get adjusted monthly and I feel so much better. I do a monthly checkup as a precaution and it's GREAT! I see Dr. Fran Palmer - she is professional and encouraging.

Sue., Peyton, CO

I do believe!

❝When my husband had slipped on ice and twisted his back a friend of ours recommended Palmer Chiropractic. After seeing how well my husband was doing, and after talking with Dr. Fran Palmer, I decided to do a consult. I suffer from terrible headaches - blaming my glasses, stress and even weather I never believed a Chiropractic adjustment could help. Was I wrong! After my sessions I have not suffered a headache, my shoulders feel so much better and I never knew I could turn my head side to side without pain. My husband and I both walk taller and feel better with the care that the Palmers give us. I do believe!

Bernadette, Matheson, CO

Thanks for the great care!

❝I have suffered from chronic headaches and TMJ problems for years. My neighbor recommended seeing the folks at Palmer Chiropractic to see if there was anything they could do to alleviate my pain. In September, 2011, I received a thorough examination and treatment. I was impressed by the professionalism of the office staff and Dr. Rob Palmer. Because of the consistent and quality care I've been receiving, I am headache free and no longer suffer from TMJ. Are you suffering from chronic headaches or back pain? Do yourself a favor and visit Palmer Chiropractic. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Palmer for the great care!❞
Melisa, Falcon, CO