My naturopath recommended I see a Chiropractor for my shoulder and lower back pain. I was experiencing limited range of motion and sleeping was very uncomfortable. I noticed immediate improvement in how I was feeling. I have so much energy now, my sleep has improved and in general my range of motion is also much improved. I am so happy with the care I am receiving, that I am now having other members of my family come in.

CM, Elbert, CO

I brought my 10 month old son in to see Dr. Fran. He was not sleeping the way I felt a baby should sleep. The lack of sleep was affecting our daily life as he was not a happy baby during the day. I first noticed improvement in his sleeping within a week, and because he was sleeping better, I was sleeping better. Dr. Palmer is very easy to talk to, and because she has children of her own she can relate. This is important to me to have that personal connection along with the care. Thank you so much Palmer Chiropractic

SE, Falcon, CO

I came to see Dr. Fran after a long day at work that was plagued by lower back and neck pain. I was having a hard time functioning normally. I began to notice improvement in the way I felt within the first two to three visits. I also noticed that I was experiencing much less fatigue and was sleeping better. I would highly recommend Chiropractic and the Palmers to anyone. Thanks, Doc, you are a miracle worker.

CR, Denver

I decided to seek Chiropractic care for health problems that included: neck pain and stiffness, headaches, nausea, fatigue and tingling lips. My mom had always used a Chiropractor and many of my friends had experience with Chiropractors, too. All of these symptoms really affected my life on a daily basis. In the past, doctors had told me there was nothing wrong with me. Dr. Fran did x-rays and diagnostics during my exam. She found I had a straight neck and scoliosis. I began to feel better within about two weeks of my initial adjustment. The nausea took a little longer, but did get better. Through chiropractic care I feel much better and have more energy. The other symptoms that medical doctors couldn’t explain went away. Dr. Fran and Dr. Rob get an A+ for patient care!

MKB, Peyton, CO

I had heard originally heard about Chiropractic through friends and c-workers. Then my daughter started going, followed by my son. They finally “convinced” me that I had nothing to lose but my headaches. I had been suffering with migraines varying from mild to severe for a long time. I usually had 4 or 5 days a month without a migraine or severe headache. Over the past 10 years the frequency grew, but I developed coping skills. I lived with them and accepted the pain as a norm. I believed my headaches were always triggered by my hormonal fluctuations, but the frequency kept increasing. I was on two different medications for headaches, with little success, plus I was worrying about taking daily medications. My kids had been seeing Dr. Rob and Dr. Fran for almost a year. They convinced me it was time to give it a try – after all I trusted them with my children. I noticed improvement immediately after my first adjustment. I had a “baby” headache when I went in and by that night I was headache free. I feel healthier, happier and headache free. I also noticed that I didn’t have a tingling sensation in my arm, no more hip pain, and I am not subconsciously rubbing my neck. I really do feel that I have “reclaimed my life” – as dramatic as that sounds – it is true. I am no longer on daily preventative medications and I have been headache free for five months. I recommend chiropractic care to others, especially to headache sufferers!


I decided to seek help through Chiropractic for the lower back pain that I was having. It was interfering with my daily activities. I began to notice improvement after my first Chiropractic adjustment. I can sleep better, which improves my total outlook. After every adjustment my pain is less. I have gone from difficulty walking to the bathroom to pain free and walking 2 miles/day and going to Curves.